Leng Hong

Leng Hong is a celebrated Chinese-French artist acclaimed for his exquisitely textured oil paintings, imbued with rich colours, and 'mysterious' feelings. His oeuvre varies in subject matter, from landscape and still life scenes to portraits of ladies in waiting from the Tang and Song Dynasties. Born in 1955 Shanghai, he graduated from the Shanghai Institute of Theatre and Dramatic Arts in 1978. While at the institute he learned to paint in the Academic European tradition and became adept in perspective, chiaroscuro, modelling, and social realism. He also studied traditional Chinese brush and ink painting, and was particularly drawn to Tang and Northern Song landscape paintings. In 1986 after moving to Bordeaux, France, he began experimenting with different styles, seeking ways in which to draw aesthetic inspiration from both traditions. He currently resides in Montreal, Canada, and is an adjunct professor in the Department of Fine Arts at Shanghai University.

1986    Leng Hong Artworks at Shanghai Museum

1988    GalerieFrance, Bordeaux, France

1988    Alisan Fine Arts, Hong Kong

1990    Galerie Ecritures, France

1990    GalerieFrance, France

1991    GalerieFrance, France

1992    GalerieHexagone, Germany

1992    DannenbergGallery, NewYork, U.S.

1992    ArtSouceGallery, New York, U.S.

1993    GalerieGerd-Dieter-Schopp, Germany

1994    Alisan Fine Arts, Hong Kong

1996    Alisan Fine Arts, Hong Kong

1996    GalerieObservatoire4, Montreal, Canada

1996    Artfolio Gallery, Singapore

1997    GalerieSeiun, Tokyo, Japan

1997    TonichiGallery, Tokyo, Japan

1998    GalerieHexagone, Germany

1998    Gallery52, Tokyo, Japan

2000    St. James, France

2000    J Gallery, Shanghai, China

2000    TomoGallery, Tokyo, Japan

2000    HanArtContemporain, Montreal, Canada

2001    GalerieHexagone, Germany

2002    Yan Gallery, Hong Kong

2004    A3AArchitectGroup, Bordeaux, France

2004    HongMerchant, Shanghai, China

2005    J Gallery, Hong Kong

2007    Haopai Gallery, Shanghai, China

2007    HongMerchant, Shanghai, China

2022    Entr'acte, ArtCN Gallery, Shanghai, China. 

Leng Hong Selected Works
Blue mountain in green water