Damien Dufresne、Christian wu

Exhibition Dates: 2021.9.25 - 11.6

The characters present in Damien’s new work play a humble role in the artist’s imaginary world. In this context, the silhouettes, sometimes portrayed frail and alone, are often confronted by the adversity of natural elements. They may seem lost in illusions but always seeking meaning to their wanderings. In this sense they are not unlike the adventures of the Buddhist monk Xuánzàng (602-664) and his companions described in 'Journey to the West' or for that matter Don Quixote or any number of characters from the universal classics of world literature. The backdrops are elaborate and mostly produced by projections on canvas, sometimes with overlays of animal, vegetal motifs or even a structural detail from a piece of Chinese furniture. Damien Dufresne and Christian Wu often take a long time to carefully prepare the setting in order to reach the sought-after effect they have in mind. From the models to the makeup, the fabrics, the movements suggested precisely for the theme of this new exhibition, it all comes together also with the help of a wind machine! On shooting days, the studio is oozing with energy and concentration with the ballet of the makeup artist, hairdresser, assistants, models and their audience. 'Makeup' is not always about hiding a person in order to create another one. Damien Dufresne tells us how sometimes people reveal themselves through makeup. 'Elegance is simplicity' was saying his mother, who passed away far too soon.  


ArtCN is delighted to present WIND a new photography exhibition by Damien Dufresne who has collaborated this time with photographer Christian Wu. The two artists are offering the latest result of their joint visual explorations and new photographic techniques in a powerful series showing silhouettes acting on poetic, dreamlike decors.


In this exhibition, Damien Dufresne has once more called upon photographer and video artist Christian Chambenoit, to subtly accompany the work with music by the Franco-Swiss composer and sound engineer, Manels Favre.