Li Kunwu

Opening Reception:2021.6.5 4 - 7pm

Exhibition Dates: 2021.6.5 - 7.11

"This exhibition is my second solo show at ArtCN gallery. Unlike the first one that focused on the historical changes and influences on people's lives in my hometown, Kunming, this exhibition illustrates a wider range of Yunnan's sights, including the border areas, scenic views, the local people and minorities. They are also a record of my life of travel. I like the title of this exhibition, which may revive some memories and imagination at first sight by the viewers. It is composed of two main parts. '远方' (yuǎnfāng) that implies the distance, both geographically and in time. Yunnan, which is in fact located on the southwestern border of China, has a long history and ancient cultures have been there for centuries. The other part of the title, '曾经' (céngjīng) emphasizes that those memories have already happened and disappeared in the past. I think this is what we need to cherish and remember. For decades, I have been painting the life of Chinese folk. All my paintings and my graphic novels have been extracted from their life. Indeed I get the inspiration and materials from my own life experience and my personal feelings. Looking through my path of creation, I feel that my subjects are becoming more and more all encompassing. Probably, that is mainly because life itself is very fruitful. As years pass by, we create a long and interesting history, hence having more stories to tell. " —— Li Kunwu

ArtCN has the great pleasure of presenting "In the Land of Memory" a solo exhibition featuring the latest ink work by Kunming-born artist Li Kunwu. This show will mark the second in our gallery for Li Kunwu who will be the guest of honor at the 5th edition of "La Fete des Bulles" that celebrates cartoonists and comic books, an initiative of the Sino-French Festival Croisements that takes place every year in different cities around China.