Leng Hong、Pauline Ohrel

Opening Reception:2019.11.2 5 - 8pm

Exhibition Dates: 2019.11.2 - 12.29

Each of Leng Hong’s works highlights the eternal nature of classical aesthetic - his personal technique with ink on paper, close to the one he uses with oil on canvas, is evocative of the techniques of making ancient frescoes. The lines, the colors, thickness and transparency are part of the pictorial language that has become his own. He illustrates once more his favorite themes of dreamlike landscapes, still life and characters inspired by Classical Chinese poetry. From Leng’s paintings emerges an atmosphere of mystery and nostalgia - a narrative reinforced by the display of Pauline Ohrel’s sculptures. Created from monochromatic wire mesh her elegant silhouettes, birds and faces are like aerial drawings either floating or standing in an uncanny stillness, their shadows reflecting an intangible likeness.

ArtCN gallery has the great pleasure of presenting “The Lightness of Being” a dual exhibition featuring the latest ink work by Shanghai-born artist Leng Hong and wire mesh sculptures by French artist Pauline Ohrel. This show will mark the third in our gallery for Leng Hong who regularly exhibits in China and the very first for Pauline Ohrel who has spent time in both countries over the past year.