Astrid Krehan

Born in Nuremberg, Germany, Astrid Krehan’s original works convert modern-day spaces and objects into highly saturated color images. Her flowing series often verges on the abstract, whether capturing the tranquility of the rural countryside or the vibrant aura of major cities like Shanghai, where Astrid has lived and worked since 2014. A doctor of natural sciences, Astrid reveals a compassionate understanding of the living world. Her contemporary China series have been regularly exhibited in Shanghai since 2017 and at PHOTOFAIRS, Shanghai in 2018 with Gallery 12 and 2021 with ArtCN Gallery. 


Her 2020 series "ENTROPY" and "SILENT MESSAGE" have been displayed in Shanghai at ArtCN Gallery, Sino Art Space and the 2021 BFC ART FESTIVAL Shangai (ArtCN Gallery) both in solo and group exhibitions. In her recent exhibition "FROM ONE CLOUD TO ANOTHER" a dual exhibition at Diyuan Art Gallery in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, she cooperated with Chinese artist 陈春妃Chen Chunfei (Kunga) in an artistic dialogue that crosses geographical and cultural boundaries. The artist currently works and lives in Swtizerland.


Solo exhibition, China in the eyes of Astrid Krehan. Galerie Agenori, Zurich, German. 

Solo exhibition, Asia in Pattern: Impressions Photographically painted. Intwine, Zurich, German. 

NFT New Freedom Think, Mads Art Gallery, Milano, Italy. 


Dual exhibition, From one cloud to another, Di Yuan Art Gallery, Jiangxing, Zhejiang, China. 

2021 Photofairs Shanghai, ArtCN Gallery, Shanghai, China. 

2021 BFC Art Festival, ArtCN Gallery, Shanghai, China. 


Solo exhibition, Silent Message, Sino Art Space, Shanghai, China. 

Entropy, ArtCN Gallery, Shanghai, China. 


Solo exhibition, Colors of Modern China, WorldUnion Investment Management (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., Shanghai, China. 

Astrid Krehan Selected Works

Crystal Libra