damien dufresne
Damien Dufresne comes from the fashion and advertising world. His work as a photographer has been influenced by all these experiences. Speaking about his work, the artist often says that his various professions have shaped the photographer that he is today. He knew, deep inside that photography was what he always wanted to do. “I use pigments like a painter but a painter starts from a white canvas while I start my work with a living person. The choice of my models is significant. I transform them into a character, defined by their personality. When they appear on the set, the seduction phase begins between them and the camera, a moment during which we all have no other choice than to trust each other, a moment during which they surprise me and I captured the moment. ”

Damien Dufresne has worked in Paris, Seoul, Milan, New York and Tokyo. He is currently based in Shanghai.

damien dufresne Selected Works