And the we went out to see the stars

Yan Feixiang

Exhibition Dates: 2021.11.11 - 12.31
ArtCN is pleased to present "And then we went out to see the stars", Yan Feixiang first solo exhibition in our gallery. On view are oil paintings selected from "Blue Void", a series that was so far unreleased to the public. Yan Feixiang’s "Blue Void" collection continues and builds on the creative methods from his previous black and white series. The rich, deep blue creates a strong contrast against the color of the natural canvas, a contrast that is softened by the blurring of the blue edges and the gradations of shadow and light suggesting the unity of all things and the harmony of the universe. To Yan Feixiang, "abstract art is not only for visual aesthetics, but also a kind of spiritual expression, a sort of cultural heritage and even an inexplicable language." The painting style and aesthetics of this series recall Chinese ink painting and an ethos of minimalism. At the same time, the depth and mystery in the color and patterns seem to lead to a kind of openness, as if they are introducing one’s mind to the vastness of space and time.
And the we went out to see the stars

"According to classic Western theories of abstract art, abstraction is the spiritual image originating from the objective world, which is similar to the relation between something and nothing in traditional Chinese Tao theories. (…) After abandoning the direct imitation of superficial image of landscape, Yan Feixiang’s style turned into the path of pure metaphysics (…) and started to form his own steady grammar. In the aspect form, Yan’s brushwork turned from careless to exquisite, from loose to meticulous, and the overlaying brushstrokes one after another made the visual effect abundant and subtle." — Li Xu

"Determined to investigate his own path, Yan Feixiang searches inwards for inspiration. He builds up his artwork contemplatively, painting layer by layer until the imagery emerges in the form of a delicate, abstract landscape. (…) The aesthetic language is on one hand so simple, direct and immediate as it is universal, on the other so obviously Chinese in root. Yan Feixiang’s artworks are easy to respond to (…), pure in their elemental beauty, timeless and quiet in expression." — Lise Kolstad Yuen 

"At the beginning of my artistic exploration, I was using bright, bold-colors to create paintings. Then following my inner path, I felt gradually closer to the idea that monochromatic color was more powerful to me. The pureness, as opposed to flashiness, that I wish to achieve in my work is aimed at touching people's hearts and leading to a deeper reflection and contemplative state." —Yan Feixiang

Yan Feixiang’s new series, "Blue Void", currently exhibited at ArtCN, unlike his representative "black and white" series, is created on raw canvas. The compact and soothing blue brushstrokes create a profound visual impact reminding people of the void yet boundless universe.  The works are composed of a rich blue interspersed with glimmering white, like the nebula in the night sky, deep and serene. While Yan Feixiang's abstract work can lead to a wide range of interpretation, it invariably produces a profound effect on our heart and soul.