Claudio Diatto

After the degree at "Accademia Albertina" Art School, Claudio Diatto (b.1953, Turin, Italy) attends the School of Architecture at the Polytechnic Institute of Turin. At the beginning of the eighties, he is on a training process in France: first in Antibes at Fersen Gallery directed by the American Judith Fox, then in Paris at Le Breton Gallery in rue Dauphine, eventually in Nogent-le-Rotrou at Saint-Jean National Museum. Since the nineties he has been living and working in Dogliani, tenaciously looking for an iconic code inspired by the rythm of Langa's landscape. This complex path, always pursued by the artist with a deep passion, merged in 2009 into the paper cut series of the Fertile Hands cycle: valuable papers first cut and then painted. Because of these papercuts, in 2011 he has been invited to two solo exhibitions in China, in Beijing and Tianjin. Through joyful and colourful neopop pictograms, the content of Diatto's works aims at reinforcing the concept of art seen as a therapy against angst and as a recreational attitude to convey the inalienable relationship between Man and Nature. Diatto’s work has been exhibited in Italy, France, Spain and China.

Claudio Diatto Selected Works
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