2021 BFC Art Festival

2021. 4.2 - 4.15

ArtCN gallery is pleased to announce its participation in the 1st BFC Art Festival from April 2nd to April 15th. We look forward to welcoming you all to booth G!

Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, and it is often associated with open spaces and freedom. As a spiritual channel connecting the heart and the mind, the color blue can help to free our voice to be an instrument of healing. Inspired by the multifaceted meanings of this color symbols, ArtCN will join BFC Art Festival's third week with an "Out of the Blue" series of artworks featuring some of our main represented artists.

ArtCN gallery is pleased to join BFC Art Festival's last week with a new theme "Color Blast" featuring artworks from six artists, coming from three different continents, celebrating life in a round of colors and vibration of lights. Colors not only emphasize an object or an emotion, they also catalyze the mind to make decisions, influence our actions and reasoning towards certain situations. Colors are present all around us and are involved in every aspect of our life.

"Out of the Blue": April 3rd (Friday), 18:00-22:00
"Color Blast": April 9th (Friday), 18:00-22:00

Public day (Free admission): April 3rd – April 15th, 2021
Monday-Thursday, 11:00-20:00
Friday-Sunday, 10:00-22:00

BFC Art Festival