André Cervera

Born in 1962, André Cervera lives and works in Sète, France and wherever his travels take him. In the 1970s André Cervera was already fascinated by painting and, moreover, by the act of painting itself. The ascent of his older brother, Michel Zoom, “the poet of Figuration Libre” and with the encouragement of Robert Combas, he took his first steps in the world of painting. He followed a courseat the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Sète then entered the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Marseille and is shocked by the works of Yves Klein, absolute artist,master of pure energy and luminous Shaman. Contrary to the artists of "Figuration Libre" Cervera's style is highly expressionistic under the influence of Kokoschka, Ensor, and the German movement group Die Brücke. It also became increasingly “Latin” in tone, inspired by travels and the so-called “primitives”.

Since 2006 Cervera was invited several times to China. He developed a more forceful style, improving his distinctive range of colors through stamping and dripping techniques, restraining his palette, adding coating, glazing and transparency to his collages, integrating the use of rare paper and refining his choice of motifs. His voracious imagination was fulfilled.  Cervera has over the past twenty years developed a unique style of “Latin expressionism” fueled by an urgency to paint. His artistic process has been a vital ritual and an obsession; to paint excessively, after all, is to paint the excessive. His vision of the world is of disproportionate realities- there is no sophistication in André Cervera's discourse. His works are guided by emotion and truth. Thus, for this local-born artist of working-class origins his works have gained rightful recognition in the world today. 

André Cervera Selected Works