Exhibition Dates: 2019.9.12 - 10.20

“I came to photography a little late in life, however I have often thought that it is what I always wanted to do and today photography is a part of my everyday life. It helps me to get up in the morning and allows me to dream at night. It gives meaning to my life.

I photograph people met randomly, with a moving face, an attitude or a well-defined jaw. I prefer people who seem more introverted; in a way shyness inspires me. I have no intention of being provocative but I don’t often refrain from anything, I just take images that truly speak to me. I like my images to be like stolen moments, snippets of life. I feel like my images reflect a quest, a form of escapism.

My photos resemble me; I often think that they are ‘self-portraits’. That part of yourself that is in your work is really important and exhibiting your work is in fact a form of self-exhibition. You are talking about yourself ultimately, without using any words. It probably reflects vulnerability, a scar of some sort, heightened sensitivity.”

——Damien Dufresne


He infused mineral powers into porous clay flesh, deposited harmoniously over the years, particles of manganese, cadmium and antimony.

He draped in darkness and silence these children of Calais, who have since orbited among their whispers and secrets in a firmament of Raw Sienna and Bitumen of Judea.

He is this Dante, head wreathed in cinnabar, who illuminates for us with a diaphanous glow his intimate world populated with nebulous silhouettes and voiceless choirs, the one who guides us peacefully through the meanderings of the limbus puerorum, the limbo of children.

——Christian Chambenoit, Shanghai, 2019