2017 Photofairs Shanghai

2017.9.8 - 9.10

ArtCN is pleased to announce its participation in PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai 2017. The gallery is presenting a group exhibition featuring works by Brigitte Spiegeler, Dubravka Vidovic and Michel Temman.
Photofairs Shanghai

Brigitte Spiegeler (b.1971, Netherlands) is a visual artist who creates  black and white photographs, captured with a pinhole camera, on which she applies coloured pigment. The use of black and white and the pinhole technique emphasizes the impression of historical place.  The images are vague and almost timeless, as if they do not exist in the present moment. Spiegeler’s works are about an imaginary time which only exists in our minds: in her words “a time without a time, vague with some details popping up, the memory is now, right here, but at the same time endlessly far away and intangible”. It seems as if the pigment had been thrown onto the picture plane only seconds ago and consequently from a contemporary context. The pigment, fluid while the rest of the picture remains undisturbed, conceals part of the image from view but never to the point of hiding the major visual elements, which are  nuanced and layered like in a three-dimensional space.

Dubravka Vidovic (b.1970, Croatia) is a multimedia artist in a search of a way to preserve the memory of a lost urban reality. She collects and combines interconnected elements and overlapping memories which confront the notions of ‘permanent’ and ‘temporary’.   Her poetic approach to this urban past is revealed in all her photographs. The crumpling stone walls appear like “fragile and romantic remnants of the past”. The installations show books inserted between the old brick walls which transform them into witnesses for loss and survival. These elements enable the image to tell a story, to address and to evoke the previous inhabitants and the events which defined their lives.

Michel Temman (b.1969, France) is a journalist and reporter who has primarily covered conflicts and natural disasters. He uses a bright, colourful and rather abstract pictorial language to overcome the emotional impact of these past events. Using photographic elements, he creates a body of work that transcends reality. He manages to alter the perspective of our thoughts and feelings in a way that blurs the state of things that actually exist.